Development Platform as Services and Marketing

Developments, offers as service by international format. In short, it is simply a live working environment. Live because directly on the system, the single or the whole platform if it makes sense. The focus here is on the developments.

Products and projects are developments or even complete replacements have to be created. The foundation shall remain the development platform with the necessary extras to release a good operation after a live development platform.

Its all preview, but mostly nicely functional so an preview-state of works.

The cluster its potential is good for actual processes and devels and good extendable.

Errors do not normally need to be emailed, they should be noticed within a reasonable time period and if necessary corrected or closed elsewhere.

The name is the content, objects direct to 100% and its live-development as the development progresses continues fewer and fewer errors will be noticed.

Beauty optimizations and optional issues always to the end of the main development and then move to the preparation and improvement development.